Makerparts Prices vs Openbuilds Store
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Makerparts Prices vs Openbuilds Store

During importation from Openbuilds we incur import taxes, duties, customs brokerage & courier fees. These additional charges eat into the very small margin in these products. To cover our costs some products may be more then the equivalent products purchased directly from the Openbuilds store in the united states. Keep in mind that when purchasing from in Canada you DO NOT incur any duty/import/ customs brokerage fees which can be a substantial amount of savings to you.

We appreciate your business, Thank you

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  • Darrell on

    Hi there great site easy to understand. I want to purchase your C beam machine just waiting to see what Canada Post is doing. ( I work for them and not proud of it ) but was wondering is there software programs that come with it ? If not where do I find some ?

  • Adam on

    Unfortunately we are online only at this time. We may be able to offer same day or next day local delivery. Contact us if this is something your interested in.

  • Roger Cranford on

    Can local builder pick up supplies at Burlington Ontario.

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