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Calibrate, Calibrate ... Calibrate

When it comes to 3D printing, Calibration is key. esteps, Extrusion Multiplier, Filament Diameter, Layer height. lots of variables need to be set in order for everything to work as expected. Once you get your settings to a spot you are comfortable with you will end up doing some (possibly many) test prints.. cubes, triangles. and now the Jolly Roger. aka #3dBenchy The Jolly Roger 3D printing torture test is a great model to evaluate how your printer is performing and compare it to your friends and the world. The stl file is available on thingiverse      

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V-Wheels to V-Slot Mounting Options

guide openbuilds reference spacer v-slot v-wheel vslot vwheel

A easy reference guide for mounting Openbuilds Full Size V-wheels to V-Slot channels.

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Welcome to

Welcome. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to get this far and the store is empty! LOL.. Don't worry a lot of back end work needed to be done and we have a lot of products waiting to be released. For now you will slowly see a trickle of products show up as inventory is received. I decided it would be better to add products as inventory was available, versus show lots of products, marked as sold out. I hope that you come back soon and often. We will also be adding content and guides...

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