FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

Do you offer local pickup?

We are happy to now offer local pick in Burlington, Ontario

We have partnered with the UPS Store in Burlington to allow local pickup of orders.

How does it work?

1) Process your purchase and select local pickup in Burlington (Free)

2) Your order will be picked and packaged and dropped off at the UPS Store. (Standard picking times apply, typically 1-2 Business days)

3) You will be notified that your order is ready for pickup. (Please pickup within 48hrs)*

4) Go to the UPS Store and tell them that you are picking up a Makerparts order, Show them your order confirmation, show them your ID and your done.


UPS Store # 59

2186 Mountain Grove Ave,
Burlington Ontario, L7P 4X4

Google Maps LinkPickup hours (Once confirmation that order is ready for pickup is received)


Monday - Friday  8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday - Closed

Our Prices vs Openbuilds Store

During importation from Openbuilds we incur import taxes, duties, customs brokerage & courier fees. These additional charges eat into the very small margin in these products. To cover our costs some products may seem more then the equivalent products purchased directly from the Openbuilds store in the united states. Keep in mind that when purchasing from Makerparts.ca in Canada you DO NOT incur any duty/import/ customs brokerage fees which can be a substantial amount of savings to you.

$10 Shipping for one screw?

Sometimes you only want one small item. but the shipping is way more then the item itself. this can be frustrating. If the item you want is very small (some screws, washers, spacer, wire, belt). and is less then 3/4" in height, when stuffed into a padded envelope. We can send it as mail through Canada post.

Note that if your order is thicker then 3/4" (20mm) after inserting into a thin padded envelope. we will ship it as a standard parcel and normal rates will apply.

Unfortunately the Shopify system isn't always sophisticated enough to know how large  or small our products are, so sometimes a physically large but light weight item may show the option to be mailed. If this happens we will contact you to cover proper amount of shipping.

One thing to keep in mind, is that if we mail it via Canada post. There is no tracking number and who knows how long it will take to arrive.

*By selecting Canada post small parts mailing you accept all risk if it gets lost.. We recommend you use a courier with a tracking number

When will it ship?

We do our best to pack and ship orders within 48hrs. But sometimes this can be delayed up to 3-4 days for various reasons. Orders are packed Monday-Friday. Please note that selecting express shipping does not speed up the time to get it packed.


In order to keep shipping rates low, we do not insure the shipments as this can drastically increase courier rates. We can add insurance if you require it (for an additional cost) please let us know if you would like it added. In the very unlikely event that a package is lost, You are responsible to contact the courier and file a claim. We will not send a replacement set of parts for lost shipments or if the package was stolen after it had been delivered/Left on your door step.


Ship to a PO Box?

If you need something shipped to a PO Box, please use a Canada post service, choosing Purolator or UPS to a PO Box may result in the package being rejected and sent back. If this happens, you may need to pay for shipping twice :(

If you didn't realize that you must ship with Canada Post for a PO Box, and you select a different courier, If the costs are similar we will switch to a Canada Post service instead to avoid rejection.


We place our orders with Openbuilds and typically on Thursdays. So If you need something pre-ordered we recommend you do it before Thursday, or it will take an extra week for us to receive it. We commonly receive orders in within 1 week of placing them, As long as the supplier has stock themselves. If you need to pre-order a non Openbuilds product this can take longer, 2-3 weeks on average. Note that once a pre-order has been placed it cannot be cancelled using the the link in your order confirmation email. You will need to email and and request a cancellation.