3mm ABS Filament - 1KG Spool
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White 3mm ABS Filament - 1KG Spool

M.G. Chemicals

White 3mm ABS Filament - 1KG Spool

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M.G. Chemicals Premium ABS 3D Printer Filament—ABS is made of high purity acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) pellets with a tight diameter tolerance.

Applications & Usages
Preferred by engineers and professionals because of its higher temperature resistance, machinability, flexibility and strength. Being a petroleum based plastic, the slight odor given off when heated may make this less desirable for home use. ABS required a heated print bed for use, so make sure your printer is suitably equipped before trying ABS. ABS is easily soluble and welded in acetone.

Benefits and Features

  • 3.00 mm diameter
  • Low diameter variance
  •  Vivid and unique colors

Working Temperature
230–240 °C [446–464 °F]
Bed Temperature
90–110 °C [194–230 °F]

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