Delrin V Wheel™
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Delrin V Wheel™

We have 13 in Stock, But feel free to order more, the rest will be Pre-ordered

The OpenBuilds Delrin V Wheels are great for use with any V Wheel Linear Guide System. They can be used with V-Slot Extrusion and OpenRail.

* This wheel has a double v shape that allows for it to ride on the V-Slot™ as well as the OpenRail™

These wheels are a direct match with the OpenBuilds Chrome Steel V Wheel Kits. Plates and Parts are interchangeable.

Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance.

This includes the OpenBuilds V Wheel Only.

Save time and money with the full Kit! OpenBuilds V Wheel Kit - Delrin

Part Details

Material - Delrin (black)
Dimensions 24.39 OD x 15.974 +/- 0.026 ID x 10.23 'thick'
Rockwell Hardness M80
Compressive Strengh 63Mpa


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