Smoothieboard 5xC v1.1 Controller
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Smoothieboard 5xC v1.1 Controller

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High performance, 32-bit controller, with a big focus on versatility. 

Major advantages:
1. Performance: 32-bit Microcontroller running at 120Mhz - far outperforms typical 8-bit/16Mhz controllers (Marlin, etc)
2. Versatility: Smoothieware is extremely flexible, allowing you to use the Smoothieboard for 3D printers, CNC mills, Plasma Cutters and Laser Cutters/Engravers
3. Ease of configuration: The Smoothieboard mounts its SD card as a removable USB flashdrive on your computer: This allows you to change configurations simply be editing a 'config' text file on the SD card. Firmware updates is as simple as copying the new firmware.bin to the removal drive, then resetting the board.
4. Some of the best documentation in the industry. Less guesswork, means easier installation, customization and more time Making things. See for details
5. Faster speeds (100Khz step rate) and smoother acceleration
6. Pluggable Screw terminals for Ease of wiring
7. Support for External Stepper drivers (Like OpenBuild's DQ542MA Drivers)
8. Supports alternative motion control systems like Linear Delta, H-Bot/CoreXY, Morgan Scara and Feather
9. Supports dual Extruders (5XC Model)
10. Touchprobe Support
1) Update your firmware:

1.1) Instructions:
1.2) Source for latest firmware builds:
1.3) Use firmware-cnc.bin (renamed to firmware.bin before copied to SD) for Lasers/CNCs

2) Configuration
2.1) Instructions:
2.2) Example Configurations:

3) Smoothieware has a very extensive Wiki outlining all the functionality and modules that can be configured, over on

Description copied from with additions

All inclusive 32-bit 3D Printer / CNC mill / Laser controller board.

32-bit Cortex-M3 LPC1769 with 512kB flash and 64kB RAM
5x A5984 stepper drivers with 1/32 microstepping
4 x thermistor inputs
Ethernet and USB connections
SD card to store configuration and Gcode files
Runs Smoothieware firmware (, which is class leading in terms of ease of use, stability and performance
3 x small Mosfets (lights, fans, SSRs, etc) and 3 x big mosfets (hotends, DC spindle, heated bed, etc)
Easy configuration: No need to reupload firmware to effect changes. Simply edit a 'config' text file on the SD card
Digital Current control of Stepper Driver current: No fiddly potentiometers to adjust. See
Supports Cartesian, Delta, H-Bot and Scara mechanisms

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