Inventory Update:
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Inventory Update: Earlybird Inventory Update:

on Thursday March 31st we expect to receive the following items into inventory.

 Quantities are limited and are first come first served.

 - Nema 17 Stepper Motors

- 12v/30Amp Power Supplies

- GT2 20 tooth Pulley

- Acme Nut Block for 8mm screw

- Solid V wheel Kits

- Low profile screw - 15mm

- V-Slot Linear Rail in these sizes

20mm x 40mm x 500mm (Silver)

20mm x 60mm x 1000mm (Silver)

20mm x 80mm x 1000mm (Silver)

20mm x 80mm x 500mm (Black)

40mm x 40mm x 500mm (Silver)

40mm x 40mm x 1000mm (Silver)

C-Beam x 500mm

C-Beam x 1000mm


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