$10 Shipping for one screw?
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$10 Shipping for one screw?

$10 Shipping for one screw?

Sometimes you only want one small item. but the shipping is way more then the item itself. this can be frustrating. If the item you want is very small (some screws, washers, spacer, wire, belt). and is less then 3/4" in height, when stuffed into a padded envelope. We can send it as mail through Canada post.

If you want to do this please use discount code "MAIL_SMALL_ITEM" and a $5 shipping discount will apply. But if it only ends up costing us $3 to send it to you. we will refund you the difference :)

Note that if your order is thicker then 3/4" we will ship it as a standard parcel and normal rates will apply.

 (Applies to Canadian orders only)

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