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v2.1 Prusa i3 Bear Full Upgrades

This item is not currently in Stock, but is available for pre-order - typically a one week delay for pre-ordered items.

Makerparts is an official distributor of the Prusa i3 Bear Full Upgrade

We are now attempting to keep all colors in stock for faster shipping.  However, sometimes the color might not be available, so we would need to pre-order. If this happens, we will be sure to email you a potential alternative.  Please note pre-orders usually take 4-6 weeks.

MK3 ,MK2 & MK2.5 Use Same Kit

Kits manufactured by LDO

This is an aluminum frame conversion for the Prusa i3 MK2 & MK2s, MK2.5 and MK3.

 Josef PRŮŠA has created numerous of incredible 3D printers and its latest Prusa i3 MK3 is capable of very impressive print quality for a very low price. A huge thanks to him and all its team!

## New features since the Bear Frame 2.0 release
  - Significantly improved assembly guide and documentation
  - Single frame for all Prusa versions (same frame as Full Bear 2.0 MK3)
  - New stiffer Y axis with tensioner
  - New stiffer Z axis
  - Improved X and Y axis homing accuracy
  - Improved Z axis alignment and assembly
  - Reduced Y axis stepper noise for MK3(S)
  - New build helpers for Y and Z axis
  - Support for all stock Prusa PSUs
  - Custom designed, sturdier t-nuts
  - Shorter LCD supports
  - New custom LCD cover
  - Nicer and more resistant end caps
  - Easier assembly of printed parts
  - Improved wire management with new cable clips
  - Stiffer mounts for Rambo Mini/Einsy cover
  - Compatible with E3D Gates idlers as well as with 9mm belt

One of the down point of the Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3 is the rigidity of the frame. 

Vslot supplied will be 20x40 cut to sizes required, 

More information on this upgrade can be found here

MK3 Full Upgrade Manual

MK2.5 Full Upgrade Manual

MK2(s) Full Upgrade Manual

This kit requires printed parts to complete this upgrade. you must print them before you upgrade, or you may purchase them from us :)

Thingiverse Files to print

Prusa i3 Bear Upgrade - Facebook Support page


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