20mm V-slot Gantry Set with Wheels
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20mm V-slot Gantry Set with Wheels

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The V-Slot Gantry Kit makes building your project easy.  

You have the option to use this with a either belt or lead screws transmission components.

If using Belt, you will also need the Timing Belt and Zip Ties which are sold separately.
If using a Lead Screw, you will also need the Lead Screw and either the Anti-Backlash Nut or Nut Block which are sold separately.

What's in the Set?
Qty 1 x 20mm V-Slot Gantry Plate
Qty 4 x Solid V Wheel Kits
Qty 2 x Aluminum Spacers - 6mm
Qty 2 x Eccentric Spacers - 6mm
Qty 4 x Low Profile Screws - 25mm



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